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Employment generation is essential for the smooth functioning of the economy and also for the welfare of the people. Joblessness either overt or covert robs the very essence of the welfare state. A country that cannot meaningfully employ its population is bound to have unrest and a large section of the society deprived of job opportunity turns to all sorts of unscrupulous activities.

At the end of the day, the true value proposition of education is employment.

With modern advancement providing employment is becoming even more challenging. A huge factory may employ only few employees as its most operations may be automated. It is a scary phenomenon of jobless growth. We need growth with jobs so that there is a continuous demand for the products and economy to flourish.

The need for the income generation program is all the more important for poor people, residing mostly in rural areas and small towns. These people do not have the necessary physical strength and adequate elementary education or skill. Nor do they have sufficient productive assets such as land, animals, equipment etc. There are a large number of people seasonally unemployed, mostly those associated with agriculture, who need supplementary seasonal employment. Quite many, though employed such as artisans, do not earn enough to meet their needs for even necessities.

The different types of people for whom special employment programs are needed are landless agricultural laborers, marginal farmers, village artisans, and tribal people living in remote areas of the country as also people in the hilly areas. The employment program has to be such as suit specific groups of people and specific areas.

The program may be in the form of direct employment as on rural capital works. These may be in the form of providing assets like animals, sewing machines, and hand/power looms, etc. These may be in the form of providing inputs for those already working in some jobs or of the supply of infrastructure facilities like marketing, credit, etc. to help them to expand their activities or to raise the quality of their products”.

For achieving employment for all, it is necessary to manage human resources in a scientific manner. This is essential to ensure that while employment is promoted, the development of the economy is also realized. The supply of skilled labor needs to be tailored to the requirements of the rate and pattern of employment-oriented development. This should also take care of the imbalances, which mark the current scene wherein one finds excess in certain lines and shortages in others.

While high-level skill-formation through education and training will be confined to a small proportion of labor-force, it is essential to improve upon the capabilities for the development of the vast masses of people. This requires several inter-related measures such as the provision of adequate and nutritive foods, health facilities, elementary education, and training for some jobs, etc.

In providing employment under special programs, it is necessary to ensure that these accord with the characteristics of the targeted group/area, as also with the overall development plans for the various sectors. This will make such schemes useful for labor and for the furtherance of the development of the country.

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