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National security both internal and external is the first condition for any nation to survive and remain sovereign. Indeed it provides a basis for a nation to flourish and move on the path to achieve its set goals.


The Indian army controls the highest battlefield in the world!

India happens to be surrounded by seven countries most of which were indeed part of the same culture and geopolitical reality in the past. Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Afghanistan were once part of the one entity called the Indian subcontinent. There were many factors that led to the divisions leading to the birth of many of these nations.

Only China isn’t part of the Indian subcontinent but has always had strong business and religious ties. Now with time, many issues have cropped up especially with Pakistan which was part of India till recently and has become one the most vocal challenger of Indian hegemony in the region.

China is not very friendly but isn’t entirely anti-India. Its trade ties have become stronger in recent years. Now when the nations share common heritage they share acrimony as well. It is said that war first starts in the minds of the people then manifests on the ground.

Moreover, not every problem has a military solution especially when you are pitched against China and Pakistan, having nuclear warheads. We need to be diplomatic and should seek amicable solution to our problems. We have seen in the past that terrorism is difficult to root out especially if a state is sponsoring it. The actual war may not take place but civilians are always at risk. This is a precarious situation

This covert war could be fought on the streets of Mumbai. ‘To live and let live’ should be our approach and we must engage all our neighbors through dialogue and strengthening the business and cultural ties. A strong cultural and business relation always shuns the threat of war and is a cost-effective way to ensure the security of the nation.

Ashoka the great had one of the biggest empires in the subcontinent and he fought no war after Kalinga. Just by virtue of Dhamma, he ruled peacefully the entire Indian subcontinent. It of course does not mean that we should give up our military might. Certainly not. We should in fact make it even stronger for peace can also flow from the barrel of the gun!

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I want a world, where no child would suffer. Charitable instincts would prevail. There would be global acceptance of all different types of people. Man will co-exist with nature and freedom, equality, justice, liberty and fraternity will prevail.

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